Chimneys are recommended by the NFPA to be inspected annually, even when not used, It is important to have them inspected even when they are not used because they are a structure that is attached to your home and do accumulate damage from the weather.

Chimneys can smell for a number a different reasons, the two most common are creosote buildup or from water intrusion coming from the crown. It is important to remember that chimneys are vent that pass air through them, negative home pressure can potentially bring that dirty stuff inside to breath.

Fireplaces can smoke for a number of different reasons, wet or unseasoned wood, blocks or obstructions inside of the flu, poor draft or poor insulation in the chimney which is very common on exterior fireplace. Also the interior flu lining may be deteriorated, clay flu tiles typically start to deteriorate after 30-40 years after new construction.

The most common way to tell is to check the throat damper to make sure the damper is closed, that is located directly about where your firebox is in the home, Also look at the top of your chimney to check and see if there is a metal silver cap on it.

A proper chimney cleaning should take anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour and a half, this does typically range from house to house depending on the size of home and area the chimney is located in, First you would get a chimney cleaning and then a thorough inspection of the fireplace, and chimney structure inside and outside of the home.

Cleaning logs are a great tool to use in between chimney cleanings but are not meant to take the place of a thorough sweep and inspections.

It is hard to tell when the chimney is blocked, if you don’t feel any air pulling when you open your damper, it is best to set up a camera inspections

Waterproofing method is a great tool to use if your sweep recommends after you can be sure you have had the chimney thoroughly inspected and then water has stopped, it should be applied to a clean chimney and should not be used as a “first measure” to fixing any problem

Chimney leaks commonly happen from either detached chimney flashing, cracks in the mortar or bricks of the structure, and the chimney not being sealed where it meets the siding.

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