Protect Your Chimney From Water Damage in Gaithersburg, MD

Let our pros apply a chimney water repellent to your chimney

Unlike acrylics, silicones and other waterproofing sealers, water repellent provides protection that penetrates the surface level of your chimney. Chelsea's Chimney in Gaithersburg, MD uses a chimney water repellent that allows for penetration of up to one-fourth of an inch. Its active ingredients then form a chemical bond with the chimney materials to create a strong, effective layer of protection.

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How water repellent benefits your chimney

How water repellent benefits your chimney

Applying a long-lasting chimney water repellent is a great way to protect and preserve your chimney. This can help prevent:

  • General deterioration
  • Freeze-thaw damage
  • Spalling or scaling concrete

These kinds of damage tend to occur when a chimney sealer traps moisture inside the bricks and mortar. A water repellent will protect your chimney without causing these issues. Speak to our chimney sealer today if you're interested in treating your chimney with water repellent.