Adding New Mortar Joints to a Brick Structure

Repointing Tuckpointing and repointing both involve adding new mortar joints to a brick structure. Repointing is the actual process of filling in or repairing joints on brickwork that are damaged, cracked or crumbled. The mortar joints are incredibly important, as they help support the entire structure. When mortar joints become impacted by the damage it is very easy for water and other elements to seep in. Eventually, these exposures lead to the destruction of a masonry structure. In order to prevent further damage, repointing is conducted to reseal mortar joints. Typically, only certain parts of a structure require repointing, and this is a good thing because original mortar joints are greatly preferred. Since only a portion of mortar is repointed, the new mortar must closely resemble original mortar joints

The mortar is crumbling
There are hairline cracks in the mortar
There are cracks or gaps between the actual bricks and the start of mortar

Tuck-pointing is the term used for removing and replacing the worn-out mortar joints between bricks. Tuck-pointing prevents the eventual collapse of a brick fireplace by renewing its structural integrity. Tuck-pointing also protects the interior of a fireplace system by preventing leaks that result from gaps in the mortar. It also has aesthetic benefits, providing a more uniform front to the chimney.