Don't Let Water Damage Your Chimney

Count on a chimney crown repair pro in Silver Spring & Gaithersburg, MD and all of the MD/DC area

Chimneys remove hazardous gasses, smoke and particulates from your home and help keep your home safe. Through the freezing and thawing cycle, any water penetrating this part of your chimney can cause extensive damage.

Chelsea's Chimney offers chimney crown repair services in Silver Spring & Gaithersburg, MD. We'll repair your chimney quickly and accurately so you can avoid dealing with water damage.

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Wondering if you need a full rebuild?

Wondering if you need a full rebuild?

Rebuilding a chimney is a difficult job, but it's a necessity. You may need a full rebuild if you notice:

  • Crumbling bricks
  • Deteriorated mortar joints
  • Chipped or cracked mortar

We measure rebuilds in terms of how many bricks we need to complete the job. We'll have to dismantle and completely rebuild your chimney while combating the height of your roof. Once we understand the scope of your job, our chimney rebuilding experts will get to work with sledgehammers, jackhammers and other handheld tools. Then, we'll build your new chimney with a concrete crown.

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