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    Hyattsville, MD Fireplace & Chimney Services

    Hyattsville is a vibrant urban suburb of Washington, D.C., located in Prince George’s County, Maryland. With a population of 21,187 according to the 2020 United States census, it is a bustling community.

    Chelsea’s Chimney is proud to serve the City of Hyattsville and Hyattsville area, offering expert chimney services to ensure your home’s safety and efficiency. From cleaning and inspections to repairs and installations, we have all your chimney needs covered. Contact us today!

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    Chimney Inspections

    Damage can exist for a long time without any outward signs, resulting in undetected issues that can worsen and become much more dangerous, expensive, and difficult to fix. Annual chimney inspections are recommended to prevent complications and expensive repairs.

    chelsea's chimney employee sweeping

    Chimney Cleaning

    We recommend a chimney sweep every year after the last fire of winter. Annual cleanings get rid of dangerous creosote buildup, which gets released during the combustion process. If your chimney or fireplace has seen better days, call to schedule a sweep at your convenience.

    brick chimney in need of repair

    Chimney Repair

    Our masonry experts specialize in brickwork repairs, mortar repairs, waterproofing, cleaning, and sealing. If you have any cracked or damaged bricks, schedule an appointment with one of our contractors to inspect and restore your chimney. We also replace clean-out doors and dampers.

    chimney in need of flue liners

    Flue Liners

    If your chimney has a clay or ceramic chimney liner, we recommend upgrading to a stainless-steel liner. Ceramic and clay are prone to cracking, and all it takes is one crack to put your home at risk of a chimney fire. Steel is much more resistant to corrosion, fire, and water.

    repointing and tuckpointing chimney

    Chimney Tuckpointing

    Heavy rain and wind can damage the mortar and brickwork of your chimney. Other harmful factors can include animal droppings, tree sap, and improper roof draining. Our skilled masons offer repointing and tuckpointing for the exterior, interior surround, hearth, and firebox.

    flue caps resting on chimney

    Flue Capping

    Chimney caps prevent birds, squirrels, raccoons, and other critters from invading your chimney. Once pests infiltrate and make themselves comfortable, it is difficult to get them out. They also cause buildup of unsanitary materials such as droppings and nest debris.