Put a Cap on Your Chimney Problems

We offer chimney cap installation services in Silver Spring & Gaithersburg, MD and all of the MD/DC area

You need an expert to tackle your chimney cap installation. Caps with rain and animal guards protect your home and help keep animals safe. Some protected animals, like chimney swifts, may nest and make your chimney their home without proper protection. Once nested, you cannot remove or harm a chimney swift. Chimney cap installation services from Chelsea's Chimney can prevent these issues and help prevent water damage.

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Creating a strong seal for your chimney

Creating a strong seal for your chimney

If you need a stronger seal than a traditional cap can provide, a chimney damper is a great way to go. A top-closing damper keeps your flue clear of obstruction while:

  • Reducing downdrafts and air loss
  • Preventing animals from entering your home

By reducing external factors, you can create a more comfortable and peaceful environment in your home.

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